The Importance of Military Coins

There is always a high expectation for someone who works in the military to work hard and to always be determined. Most military people are always willing to go the extra mile to go beyond these high expectations. This is primarily because any act of bravery, productivity, determination and efficiency of a soldier is deemed extraordinary. These actions are more often than not recognized not only by superiors but also by fellow soldiers. This form of appreciation is typically shown through a verbal expression of thanks, a handshake and sometimes even a special certificate of appreciation. But most soldiers expect to be given military coins as a way of thanking them for their dedication and hard work.

Military coins are oftentimes considered irreplaceable and inimitable because of the special meaning associated with them. Soldiers who have one or more coins typically bring these with them anywhere they go especially when they go home for deployment. There are also some soldiers who bring coins even in the shower. These coins are considered very important just like other usual prized possessions such as wedding rings, pictures of family members and even dog tags.

Military CoinsMilitary coins are available in assorted shapes and sizes. These coins also come in different colors mainly for the reason that the coins are oftentimes personalized. This is because a personalized coin symbolizes exceptional circumstances. The designs of a military coin usually depend either on the military leader or anyone who is planning to give out coins. One example is when a battalion leader wants a set of coins that represent the battalion that he is leading. The coins are originally planned to be given to battalion members. Another example is an ordinary soldier who wants a personal coin with an engraved name and rank. This type of personal coin is usually for private reasons. Any soldier or a command sergeant who gives another soldier or one of his battalion members a personal coin simply wants to personally thank that person for the act of goodness that latter has done.

Aside from a military leader or an officer, as can been seen on the examples above, there are also other people who can acquire and bestow a military coin. A normal soldier, for example, can get hold of coins from the Post Exchange wherein coins are frequently mass-produced and present these to fellow soldiers for a specific action as a sign of appreciation. It is believed that the more personalized or distinctive a military coin is the more important or valuable it is.

Military coins are also proven to not only be endowed to people that belong in the chain of command. Sometimes, one individual who belongs in a specific chain of command and is interacting with another person who does not belong there, in a regular basis can offer the latter a military coin because of his outstanding contributions. This also means something.

Although several people look at these coins as a representation of serious situations, these have also been part of a relaxed tradition. There are times when one soldier can use a military coin to challenge another soldier. For example, a soldier who has a coin can dare his fellow soldiers to do something. If the other soldiers do not succeed on the task, the soldier who challenged them will be treated. But if they do accomplish the task, challenger will treat them.

Military coins and traditions usually represent the common bond of the soldiers. These coins have been customarily used to commemorate special events and exceptional situations where hard work and determination are recognized because these made a difference.