3 Uses of Neck Lanyards: What Makes Them Versatile?

Multi-tasking is very evident nowadays, and neck lanyards are no stranger to this. As most people opt for gadgets and even appliances that serves more than dual purposes, lanyards is never far behind. Using it, a person is able to carry their phone or keys hands free. It even serves as a promotional item which helps advertise brand names. In some cases lanyards also serve as an accessory. Depending on the end-attachment, it can have ribbons or a badge.

To understand more about the lanyards’ versatility, here is a more detailed explanation of its uses.

To Hold Items

Neck lanyards are used primarily to hold items. It is a hands-free solution to keeping small objects close by. You don’t have to fumble your way in your bag just to retrieve an item like keys, flash disk, or cards.

Lanyards have two components: the cord and the connector. The cord is made of nylon or polyester material and is usually sold blank. This allows companies or other organization to customize it. The connector attaches the item to the cord. It can be an o-ring or a clip. Depending on the company’s wants, the connector can also be customized.

Neck LanyardsMost lanyards are used to carry pens, whistles, flash disks, mobile phones, and identification cards. Whatever it is that these lanyards will be holding, it has made it easier for user to grab items.

To Promote Business

Neck lanyards are great inexpensive means to promote business. Every employee is given lanyards to use to hold their items. Usually these are to hold IDs. However there are instances when employees use their lanyards outside office use.

When employees use lanyards, they automatically promote their business. Most of the time, these employees use the lanyards to hold personal items such as car keys or penlights. As they use these when they go out, the name of the company (which surely is written on the lanyard) is seen by either those they meet or the people around them.

Using lanyards for business promotions are not just limited when employees use this outside their offices. Companies use these too as giveaways during conventions. They prepare these for guest name tags. At times, they also offer these as souvenirs especially during events they sponsor.

To Add as an Accessory

With the usability of neck lanyards, most teens also use this as accessories. At present, there are stores that offer fashionable lanyards with colorful designs and even badges or small pendants along the connectors. They also come with other lanyard connectors that are also fashionable.

Kids also use lanyards as accessories. They use this to hold their Game boys, or Nintendos. At times, they also use this to hold their IDs, mp3 and other items. Moms also have their kids wear lanyards in case they have items they want their child to easily grab.

Lanyards for kids are usually fashioned with colorful cartoon characters to make it more attractive for them. Most toy stores offer these as part of their merchandize. Party organizers also offer these to hold kid’s name tags or even small treats such as bubbles and small toys.

Lanyard’s versatility

With the demand of items that can help present multiple purposes for multitasking, lanyards are never left behind. They serve as holders to important items, giveaways, advertisements (in their own way), and surely more depending on the users. Neck lanyards are presently customizable. These can be ordered in bulk from certain manufacturer who, at times, offers graphics designers to help out.

Whether it’s for personal use or professional use, lanyards are one of the most versatile items you can own.