Golf and Golf Grips

Golf is a club and ball sport enjoyed by many. It is a game open to all ages which makes it a very popular activity during family outings. Golf tends to be depicted as a hobby for the rich, but it is surely open for all.

Modern golf originated in 15th century Scotland. The primary goal of the game is to hit balls into specified holes from a distance. The sport is typically played in a golf course, which usually has nine or eighteen holes. The course is made to have different levels of difficulty to challenge golfers.

If you want to play golf, you should be aware on how it is played. There are two basic forms of play. These are the match play and the stroke play. Remember that in golf, your score depends on the number of shots you take to play each hole. The lower your score, the better it is.

Golf gripsIn a match play, two players or teams compete against each other and try to win the match by taking more holes than the other. A player wins a hole by scoring better than his opponent. Each of them would play a hole as a separate contest and the player with the lower score wins the specific hole. If the scores are tied, then the hole is halved. If a player gets an insuperable lead, he will automatically be announced as the winner. The match is stopped and other holes will not be played. If the game is tied, players will continue to take holes until one takes a lead over the other.

In a stroke play, your scores in every hole in the game will be added to your total score. The player with the best score will win the game. If there is a tie, a playoff will take place. Playoffs often follow a sudden death format where the first player who takes a hole wins. This sudden death play can continue for a predetermined number of holes, ranging from three to eighteen, to break score ties among players.

The main equipment of golfers are of course, their golf clubs. In a way, this could be considered as their weapon. A golf club is composed of a shaft and a clubhead to hit balls with. In order for players to hold on to their equipment, they need good and well-conditioned golf grips. A golf grip is your physical connection to the golf club so your hand should be comfortable holding it. It greatly improves your swing shots. It also corrects your swing and gives you more control to make more accurate shots. Unfortunately, many people tend to forget the importance of a good golf grip. Using grips suited for you will greatly improve your performance.

The best golf grip all boils down to a player’s personal preference. There is no ultimate choice among golf grips. So you should choose the best grip that suits your way of playing. But how do you choose the best golf grip?

You should choose one that improves your accuracy, control, and comfort. There are a lot of grips sold on the market. The most common ones are rubber and thermoplastics. It could be pretty confusing for some who don’t know anything much about grips. You can start by identifying one problem in your current grip. Do you have sweaty hands? Or do you have trouble positioning your hands? There are golf grips that address these.

Soft grips are for you if you want grips that are easier on your hands. There are lightweight and extra soft thermoplastic grips that reduce a certain percentage of the shock at impact. You might be uncomfortable with the feel at first, but soft grips are proven to provide comfort to your hands and elbows. They also increase the clubhead speed and allow you to feel the clubhead better.

Many golfers have a problem with sweaty hands. If you also have this problem, there are grips with materials designed to wick moisture away so they remain drier.They are also perfect for wet weather.

If you want help in positioning your hands, you can get a grip with surface patterns. Many companies have devised this kind of grip to help you with that problem. There are also strong or weak grips to help improve your swings.

Then, there are plain grips that are devoid of any patterns. There are simple and functional grips. On the other hand, there are specialty grips purposely designed to address your specific problems. For example, non-tapered wedge grips help you with your short chips and extra-long grips are there for belly and long putters.

You should also be aware that the size of golf grips matters as well. If your hands are average in size, you can continue to use the standard size grips. You can also opt to choose a grip size that fit your hand size. But it is recommended to choose a grip size that suits the dynamics of your swing. You can find the perfect grip size by trying out different sizes.

When changing grip sizes, you should check what sizes are currently on your set and try out those not there. Then, you should start checking if you could hit using the same club. Using a shot tracking device or a launch monitor, measure your swings.

If you are still unsure on what to choose, you can go to your local golf shops and ask for suggestions. You can probably get more free tips about golf and golf grips in the process. offers golf grips at discount pricing from name brands such as Winn, UST & Iomic