Remembering the Departed through Personalized Necrological Services

Say hello to the new trend on wake services set by baby boomers over the past decade which aims to get away from to the typical burial method offered by funeral homes. While these unconventional baby boomers opted to simply have a basic and eco-friendly “green burial” practice, other people wanted to try something different – not aiming for basic customization, but for entirely extreme burial service personalization.

A lot of people know that the two most common burial choices happen to be caskets and cremation. Today, the funeral industry’s scope is becoming quite strange. The reason behind that is the compounding high costs of the common services availed from these burial specialists, given that the rate of having 9 deaths per 1,000 people in the United States has become consistent. Furthermore, the industry has only expanded at a rate of about 0.5% percent annually.

To consistently draw customers to avail of their services, funeral directors focus on the introduction of creative burial customizations. While some companies offer customizable caskets, others provide video streams of the actual burial. For those who want much more creative, outrageous, yet permanent offerings, there are several companies offering services in which human ashes are used in creating art.

FuneralHuman ashes can also be recycled as a colorful collage or painting. Depending on the canvas size and the amount of ashes used in making the artwork, the price may range from $350 to $950. There are also firms that turn human ashes into an artificial, carbon-based patented diamond – a service which costs about $2,300 to $13,000. For those who want to create an environmental legacy, there are companies that use human ashes to strengthen man-made coral reefs.

How about the mourners during the burial? Creative stuff like cookie-cutting ceremonies could be a welcome departure from traditional rites. This burial personalization option was introduced to address the increasing demand of customers who are constantly asking for services that offer something more personal and creative.

While many companies offer customized services that mainly focus on wakes and cremation, others offer totally unique customizable caskets to every interested individual. Some of the largest firms that sell customized caskets in the US have hundreds of unique models that are available in dozens of different materials, has various color options, and even boast of several degrees of luster. Caskets can also be customized with upholstered interiors together with the information about the departed’s faith, profession, and interests.

If the deceased is a die-hard sports fanatic, he can be buried in a casket emblazoned with his favorite team’s logo. Deceased racing fanatics need not worry because they have the option to lie eternally in a Ferrari-shaped casket.

Need some creativity to somehow uplift the mood of those in the wake room? Well, there are companies that specifically aim to fulfill that demand. They specialize in offering themed funerals; a particular theme can be set up during the wake so that the mourners will be reminded about who the departed really was. Who doesn’t want to have a room full of fried chicken and apple pie? If the deceased has a passion for eating, mourners would surely feel a bit better knowing that he is in a room filled with everything he loved. After all, what’s important is to celebrate the life of that person.

Due to the increasing costs of cemetery lots, typical burial packages, and cremation, the funeral industry face the constant challenge to find new ways of improving their services. Firms need to come up with creative ideas that could make more unique than their competitors – if they fail to accomplish that, they’ll probably fold.