Digital Signage VS Static Signage

Digital Signage is a fast evolving form of outdoor advertisement that is now widely used by many companies and institutions for product marketing, branding, or simply for dissemination of important information to the public. You can usually see these digital displays in hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, train stations, busy commercial venues, and airports.

digital_signageThis had tremendously affected and decreased the demand for static signage like posters and billboards. This is because people’s attention is now being drawn to technology. While your attention is focused to stare at a static poster or image on print, you are actually easily disrupted by other moving images which would eventually get all your attention. This is why digital signage is now very effective in various marketing venues.

Big or small institutions and even individuals also now prefer to use digital displays instead of the traditional forms of print ads because of its many advantages. It saves you a lot of money and time. The cost of setting up the digital signage may be costly at first, but if you compare it to the money you would be spending for each future print ads plus the time you have to spend to complete each job, you’ll see that it’s definitely more cost and time efficient. You are also not limited on the amount of information you want to convey to your target audience because you are not limited to the size of a poster or a billboard. The vivid colors and moving images, the videos and music are also far more impacting and it can strongly draw your audience attention.

digital_signagesIf you want to create your own digital display without having to pay for professional fees from signage companies, all you need to do is to make sure you have the needed hardware and software. Basic steps to creating your sign are to make sure you have a digital display like LED or LCD screens. Choose a high definition digital display. You need to have a high speed network connection if you want to include internet information on your media content. You can connect through Ethernet cables or wirelessly. You may also need a media player or you can just use your laptop and computer just as long as it has an updated operating system like MAC. Once you have the entire hardware ready, then you can now get a software to help you create an effective digital content.

singIt’s important for you to use excellent digital signage software that has a user friendly interface and offers multiple features that can help you successfully create an outstanding media content. The software will allow you to incorporate different images, videos, music, and texts using different templates and lay-outs. It will allow you to create, schedule and play your digital content. Choose software that is also compatible to all major media files to make sure that you can open, read and run all types of photos, music, and videos. A good software will definitely make it easier for you to create an effective communication content.

To create a digital display like a pro, you can download and install on your MAC computers the Mediasignpro digital signage software. You don’t need technical expertise or too much of creative skills to be able to create a professional quality signage.  This software is highly recommended if you want to produce a high quality output. It offers a free trial for you to use the software first and be satisfied on how it works. The software had actually received many positive reviews and recommendations from those who already tried and continue to use it.